Krempel - führender Hersteller von Elektroisolierstoffen, Verbundwerkstoffen und Elektronikmaterialien ist Krempel Systempartner für Kunden aus den Bereichen Energy, Mobility und Industry.
150 years of future

Krempel is a leading manufacturer of electrical insulation materials, composites and parts.

We offer customised solutions for the energy, mobility and industry segments. For more than 150 years.

Engineering Confidence

Customised solutions for the Energy, Mobility and Industry segments

Lösungen von Krempel in den Bereichen Energy - Mobility - Industry

As a leading manufacturer of electrical insulation materials, composites and electronic materials, Krempel is a system partner for customers in the energy, mobility and industry segments. Our technical materials and components contribute towards protecting life and technology in an efficient, reliable and responsible way.

The Krempel group of companies is represented by 11 locations across four continents, with more than 1,100 employees worldwide.

The merging of the letters M and P in the logo highlights the abbreviation for "Material Performance", signifying work processes with the highest material.

150 years ago, it started with paper ...


Krempel Geschäftsführung 2021 - Christian Reh und Jörn Clasen

Krempel is a global player whose products are held in the highest esteem worldwide in the fields of energy generation, processing and transmission as well as mobility.

The current owners are essentially the 5th generation descendants of the founder. Stable shareholder relationships characterise the picture. The owner families stand for values, for reliability and for sustainability.

Today, the successful further development of the company is driven by Jörn Clasen and Christian Reh, who together form the management of the group: "We are very proud of customer relationships and manufacturing competences that have grown over decades. When it comes to the future tasks of green energy, energy infrastructure and e-mobility, Krempel is part of the solution. We are aligning the future of the group with globality, innovative strength and competence."


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