Schutztechnik von Krempel / Protection Technology by Krempel
Protection Technology

Ballistic composites

Tailored solutions for high levels of security: For more than 30 years, Krempel has been supplying the security and defence industry with customer-specific solutions. Our experienced specialists in ballistic composites – combined with specialist technical knowledge and cost-effective tooling solutions and know-how about composite processes – will put your project on the path to success.

Our solutions for ballistic protection for civil and military vehicles

  • Impregnation towers (with a breadth of up to 2 m)
  • Presses (up to 1.5 x 3 m)
  • Autoclaves (2.5 x 10 m)
  • Composites

More than 30 years of experience in the composite industry with prepregs, rigid sheets and components with thermoset, thermoplastic or elastic matrices (rubber) have given us a deep understanding of the application of these materials in the security and defence industry.

Prepregs for these applications can be quickly coated on our impregnation towers and then pressed into sheets on our multi-layer presses. 

Applications based on all types of ballistic fibres, in combination with traditional and innovative resins, can be produced as sheets of up to 1.5 x 3 m and in autoclaves of up to 2.5 x 10 m. They are manufactured as flat sheets and 2D & 3D parts with complex shapes to provide ballistic protection for civil and military vehicles.

Ballistischer Schutz von Krempel für Transportfahrzeuge
Ballistischer Schutz von Krempel für Fahrzeuge
Ballistischer Schutz von Krempel für Militärfahrzeuge
Ballistischer Schutz von Krempel für marine Anwendungen
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