Tedlar® Folie für die Medizintechnik
Tedlar® films

Plastic films made of polyvinyl fluoride (PVF)

Tedlar® protective films, release films and decorative films. With excellent mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties. Tedlar® special films are further processed by us into laminates. As an authorised Tedlar® dealer since 1989, Krempel has many years of experience, especially in individual applications.


Protective films and release films made of polyvinyl fluoride (PVF)

With their excellent mechanical, electrical and chemical properties as well as excellent weather resistance, Tedlar® PVF films are the ideal protective and separating material.

Tedlar® films are manufactured in a variety of colors and thicknesses. They are specially tailored to a wide variety of applications. Certain properties – such as UV resistance or flame retardance – can be achieved through additives. Additives and process engineering measures can be used to define important parameters - such as certain stretchability and formability gradations.

Tedlar® films made of polyvinyl fluoride (PVF)

That's what you can count on:

  • The fluorine contained in the polyvinyl fluoride film results in a stronger chemical bond than in normal polymers. This makes Tedlar® more resistant to sunlight, solvents, acids, bases, moisture and oxidation.
  • Tedlar® is stretched lengthwise and crosswise during the manufacturing process. A molecular lattice is formed, which leads to a significant improvement in physical properties. This gives Tedlar® higher abrasion resistance, lower moisture permeability and it can be stretched over 100% without tearing.
  • Tedlar® contains no plasticisers, is colourfast and resistant to fading, chalking and moulding. The non-stick, dirt-repellent surface is easy to clean. Even the strongest cleaning agents cannot damage the film.
  • In the temperature range from -70 °C to +110 °C, Tedlar® films show excellent properties. Even short-term temperature peaks up to 200 °C are easily tolerated.
  • Tedlar® films adhere securely and permanently to the base material to be protected when using appropriate special adhesives. In case of temperature fluctuations, the film expands or contracts according to the dimensional change of the base material.
  • Due to the variety of types, Tedlar® films offer designers a wide range of applications. Tedlar® is extruded or cast under the strictest quality controls using a patented polymerisation process. Before delivery, careful testing is carried out to ensure compliance with the technical specifications.

Applications of TEDLAR® PVF films

TEDLAR® PVF films are used as coating films, protective films and release films. Thanks to the wide range of colors and types, there is a high degree of design freedom.

  • Surface protection

Due to the special designs, compositions and surface types, Tedlar® films are used as surface protection in many areas. Such as façade panels, roofing elements, piping, acoustic elements, wall cladding, air domes, flexible tanks, solar panels, photovoltaic cells, neon signs, labels, road signs or recycled PVC panels.

  • Separation material

Due to their exceptional mechanical and dehesive properties as well as their almost inert behaviour towards acids, alkalis and most solvents, Tedlar® films are the ideal separating film for epoxy and phenolic resins, polyester and rubber compounds. Compared to other separating films, Tedlar® does not contain any plasticisers.

  • Special laminates

For certain applications, Krempel produces special laminates from Tedlar® and fabrics, films or nonwovens. Such as backsheets for solar modules, window sliders for aircraft or fabrics for safety suits.

Tedlar® is a registered trademark of DuPont™.

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