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Electrical insulation and components for electrical drives in the low-voltage range. For all thermal classes.

Krempel’s electrical insulation system provides a reliable basis for ensuring the safety of electrical motors.

In medium and low-voltage motors, Krempel electrical insulation materials are part of our everyday lives although we may not be aware of them – whether in cars with combustion engines or alternative drive technology, in power tools, blinds or household appliances. And there are just a few examples – the list is in fact much longer.

Our multi-layered insulation materials, pressed paper, slot wedges, woven tapes and cords and other components are also essential for industrial applications such as traction, ventilation, industrial motors, forklifts, cranes, pumps and torques.

Our solutions for medium and low-voltage motors

  • Slot insulation
  • Phase insulation
  • Slot closures
  • Slot wedges
  • Rotor bandings
  • Winding stabilisation
  • Lead-out insulation
  • End-winding bracing

The perfect interaction of the individual components in the electric insulation systems forms the basis for the safety of electrical motors.

Thanks to our proven expertise and our strong reputation for quality and service, we enjoy long-term relationships in the field of energy and electrical engineering around the world.

One of our core competencies is to develop individual high-tech components for electric drives in close cooperation with our customers – such as our high-temperature solutions.

Motor insulation materials from Krempel

You can have confidence in this:

Automated manufacturing processes for inserting the windings go hand in hand with increased demands on the insulation materials used. In order to meet these requirements, Krempel insulation materials not only stand out for the outstanding electrical characteristics required, but also because of the following qualities:

  • High tensile strength
  • Flexibility and bending strength
  • High mechanical resilience
  • Ideal for folding and punching
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Flatness
  • High surface smoothness

Our portfolio for medium and low-voltage motors

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Slot insulation, phase insulation, slout closures

  • Presspaper
  • PET-film
  • PET-non-woven
  • NOMEX® 
  • Polyimid-film
  • Firbreglass 

Available in different compositions.


Thermal classes: 

  • 105
  • 130
  • 155
  • 180
  • 200


Fiber-reinforced plastic profiles for thermal classes 155 and 180

Without illustration

  • Solt weges - Banding tapes (HYPERTEN) 
  • Winding consolidation - Woven tapes (VIDATAPE)
  • Lead-out and joint insulation - Insulation sleevings (VIDAFLEX) 
  • End winding bracing - Tying cords (VIDACORD) 
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