Pultrusionsprofile für Fenster und Türen
Construction applications

WACOSIT® GFRP pultrusion profiles for windows and doors. Energy efficiency meets design.

Energy efficiency in combination with modern design options are in high demand, both for new builds and for renovation of older buildings. WACOSIT® GFRP pultrusion profiles offer outstanding possibilities for meeting these requirements, thanks to their mechanical properties and lower weights.

The legal requirements governing environmental protection are becoming more and more stringent, and along with challenging modern architecture, this means that profiles are required that not only meet official requirements, but that also meet the aesthetic needs of new buildings and renovation of old buildings.

Classic materials such as wood, aluminium and plastic profiles can be replaced by GFRP profiles, or combined with them in a specific way. As a result, energy efficiency, durability, robustness and economic viability can be increased.

WACOSIT® GFRP pultrusion profiles are suitable for:

  • Window frames
  • Door frames
  • Door thresholds
  • Sliding doors
  • Domed roof lights

WACOSIT® GFRP profiles will not corrode, and offer outstanding thermal insulation. WACOSIT® GFRP profiles are a pioneering product thanks to their durability and low energy consumption during manufacturing. They can also be easily recycled at the end of their service life.

Top quality, diverse and individual design options and low maintenance needs complement the product qualities of the profile solutions for window and door systems developed and manufactured by Krempel.

WACOSIT® GFRP pultrusion profiles for windows and doors from Krempel

You can trust us to deliver:

Pultrusionsprofile von Krempel für Automotive, Luftfahrt oder Schienenfahrzeug, Windenergie, Fenster-, Türen- oder Maschinenbau, Elektro-, Medizin-, oder Kommunikationstechnik
  • An extra long service life
  • Outstanding thermal insulation
  • Very good UV and weather resistance
  • High stiffness and mechanical load capacity
  • Corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Suitability for use in a broad temperature range
  • Extreme heat resistance
  • The same thermal expansion coefficient as glass
  • Improvement to the U value
  • Various design options for old buildings and new builds
  • A solution for certified passive house construction
  • Can be combined with classic material

WACOSIT® GFRP profiles for unlimited ideas

Now adding to a broad range of existing WACOSIT® GFRP profile solutions, Krempel has always been known for individual product developments tailored to specific customers.

Experienced engineers and technicians create the desired profile solution in close coordination and collaboration with customers. As WACOSIT® GFRP profiles can be combined with other materials, e.g. PUR foam and wood, this means that more sustainable solutions can be found.

The pultrusion process involving glass rovings, glass mats, glass fabric and glass fleece based on unsaturated polyester resins makes it easy to produce customised profile types, cross-sections, material properties and surfaces according to customer requirements.

The extensive colour palette and individually configurable designs with different surfaces and pattern varieties complement and complete this high-quality portfolio.

GFK-Pultrusionsprofile für Fenster und Türen
GFK-Pultrusionsprofile für die Altbausanierung
Solarpanel auf dem Dach eines Einfamilienhauses

Solarpanel Aufdachmontage

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GFK-Pultrusionsprofile WACOSIT® für Fenster und Türen

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