Qualitätsmanagement bei Krempel

As a Group, our declared goal is to ensure the high quality standard of our products, to develop new products and to constantly expand our know-how. All of the companies in the Group are ISO 9001 certified. Some divisions and locations are certified according to EN 9100 and IATF 16949. We would be happy to give you detailed information on this.

Learn about the general quality policy, supplier quality management and energy policy of Krempel.

Quality policy

We have set ourselves the goal of achieving the greatest possible benefit with everything we do and with the resources available to us from a humanitarian, ethical and economic perspective, taking into account the needs and expectations of our customers for high quality in our products and services. We pay particular attention to the fulfilment of statutory, official, internal and industry-related requirements. In addition, we continuously improve our quality management systems and the processes, products and services that they involve. We have made our commitment to quality a central part of our management task.


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Certificate IATF 16949:2016

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Certificate AS 9100

Certificate AS 9100

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Certificate ISO 9001:2015

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Certificate AS 9001

Certificate AS 9001 


Supplier quality management

For Krempel, successful collaboration with suppliers is a key element of our success as a company. Krempel is therefore committed to ethical, lawful and socially responsible corporate governance, taking responsibility for its customers, the protection of the environment and of employees, and the company also expects the same behaviour from all its business partners. We expect all our suppliers to share this commitment and to make every possible effort to adhere to the principles of our code of conduct with their own suppliers and sub-contractors.

The business success of Krempel is based on fair competition, complying with all legal requirements. In the long run, only those who behave with integrity and enjoy the trust of customers, suppliers and other business partners can survive in the face of competition. The mere suggestion must be avoided that Krempel Group employees might be open to undue influence or, conversely, that they might attempt to influence employees of business partners or authorities through improper inducements. The Krempel Group therefore tolerates no forms of corruption or bribery.

Not only is Krempel always on the lookout for potential new customers, it is also always looking for new potential suppliers and business partners. Our goal is to ensure the highest possible quality and customer satisfaction through sustainable and competitive purchasing and thus contribute significantly to the company’s success.

Energy policy

Our energy policy, which applies to the Enzweihingen, Kuppenheim, Thalheim and Zwönitz plants, sets out our energy-related guidelines, principles of action and overall long-term goals. This is the basis for measuring the development of the effectiveness of our energy management.

Our energy policy encompasses the following guiding principles:

  • we want to use energy carefully and continuously increase the energy efficiency of our energy-relevant processes.
  • We identify the interested parties for whom our energy-related performance is relevant and determine their needs with regard to our energy management system. These are evaluated, and measures to fulfil these needs are put in place.
  • Our goals also reflect the opportunities and risks of our energy management system, as well as the needs of interested parties.
  • We want to regularly review and assess energy aspects.
  • We want to qualify our employees for their tasks in the energy management system.
  • Krempel commits to compliance with relevant laws and regulations affecting our energy-related areas. We work on our collaboration with authorities, institutes and qualified partners on an ongoing basis.
  • We want to take energy efficiency requirements into account when planning and procuring energy-relevant machinery, plant and equipment.
  • Management provides the financial and human resources needed to implement our energy policy and energy management system.


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Zertifikat ISO 50001



We would be happy to provide you with detailed information on our quality and energy policy: