Thermoisolation von Krempel
Thermal Insulation

Temperature-resistant sleevings and seals for long-term use up to 600 °C

Thermoproducts for thermal protection of cables, fuel lines, hydraulic and steam lines or as thermal insulation in household appliances.

Krempel insulation sleevings and seals are either braided or knitted. They may be coated with synthetic rubbers or resins allowing the design to be varied to meet end-user requirements. Our thermal insulations are characterised by having excellent insulating properties as well as a high degree of flexibility. Decades of experience in many manufacturing processes acquired in the production of industrial textiles have resulted in a wide range of thermal insulations which can be reinforced with glass yarns or stainless-steel wire, and, where desirable, be coated with silicone rubber to give enhanced mechanical and dimensional stability as well as excellent sealing properties.

THERMOSEAL Sealing Ropes

THERMOSEAL sealing ropes are produced from texturised glass yarn with the construction varied to match the required compressibility. They are characterized by a high degree of flexibility for a perfect fit around small radii and will resist temperatures up to 600° C.

THERMOSEAL is used as thermal insulation for static sealing applications in dry environments. It is widely used as seals for hatches and doors in industrial boilers, furnaces, ovens, solid-fuel (e.g. wood-burning) stoves, as well as seals for gas appliances, heat processing equipment and domestic boilers.


THERMOTAPES are flat section sealing tape manufactured from resilient texturised glass yarn. They are highly conformable and compressible and will resist temperatures up to 600°C.

THERMOTAPE is used as thermal insulation for static sealing applications in dry environments especially joint and complex pipework. It is also widely used as panel and flange seals for openings and inspection doors in boilers as well as seals for wood-burning stoves.


THERMOGUARD sleevings are produced from knitted E-glass texturised yarns and are used for the thermal protection of cables, fuel lines and hydraulic hoses etc. to prevent damage from heat and hot metal splash. Flexible in nature it can also be applied as a tape and used as thermal lagging to protect against accidental contact with hot pipe-work.

THERMOGUARD can be used in certain applications at elevated temperatures up to 600°C.

On request THERMOGUARD can be coated or impregnated with customer specific mediums to impart certain properties to enhance mechanical strength and thermal insulation characteristics.

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