Krempel Hauptverwaltung in Vaihingen Enzweihingen

Krempel GmbH

Vaihingen/Enz, located in southwest Germany, is the group's headquarters.

The plant focuses on the production of electrical insulation materials and composites. Modern vertical, stack and moulding presses are used on an area of around 25,000 square metres. High-strength components are manufactured in the filament winding area.

The materials and semi-finished products are mainly supplied to customers in the energy and mobility sectors. The group's headquarters is the centre of research and development as well as the technical centre. About 330 people work in manufacturing and administration in Vaihingen/Enz today. All products and services are available to customers worldwide through our global sales team.

Vaihingen/Enz is conveniently located on the national road B10 in the heart of the Stuttgart metropolitan region, one of the strongest economic areas in Europe. In the immediate vicinity are numerous local recreation areas, such as the Black Forest or the Lake Constance region. First-class cultural offerings can be found, as well as excellent educational opportunities and shopping facilities.