technische Verbundstoff-Lösungen für die Industrie von Krempel

Technical solutions for medical technology, ballistic protection, mechanical engineering and more

Krempel is an innovative provider of highly specialist technical solutions. The company focuses on medical technology, ballistic protection and mechanical engineering in particular, but also works in many other sectors too.

Composites and high performance components for industrial applications

Our composites and high-performance components are well established in the following areas:  

  • mechanical and plant engineering
  • construction of special vehicles
  • ballistic protection
  • medical technology
  • manufacturing of sports equipment

Krempel’s composites and high-performance components have a wide range of properties and offer engineering possibilities that are not found in conventional materials.

With know-how gleaned over the course of more than 30 years and complex production facilities, we also offer customised complete solutions from the highly developed raw material to the finished component. We design and develop small components or manufacture product solutions as prototypes and in series production.

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Juergen Buchner, Vice President, Global Sales Industry
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