Einkauf, Purchasing bei Krempel

Partnership and long-term supplier relationships

At Krempel, purchasing is an important element in the company’s strategic and international focus. A global network of competent and highly motivated employees, teamed with suppliers delivering a strong performance, forms the basis of our purchasing activities.

At Krempel, we know that our suppliers are vital to our success. The collaboration between Krempel and its suppliers is therefore focused on partnership. We work together on an equal footing and we are committed to the principles of tough and fair cooperation, acting responsibly and sustainably. We make our decisions with a view to being competitive and when concluding contracts, we pay attention to complying with all of the legal requirements in the countries where we are active. At Krempel, integrity and compliance are essential principles of collaboration.

The important cornerstones of our purchasing strategy are:

  • Safely and reliably supplying production locations with raw materials and services
  • Strategic cost management
  • Compliance with quality standards through certification, supplier evaluations and audits
  • Sustainable and partnership-based collaboration with our suppliers


We are always on the lookout for competent, qualified and reliable suppliers. The following criteria are particularly important to us with regard to our collaboration when selecting our suppliers:

  • High quality products and services
  • Fair market prices
  • High flexibility and short replenishment lead times


Potential suppliers can get in touch here