Lösungen von Krempel in den Bereichen Energy - Mobility - Industry


Electrical insulation materials, prepregs, GFRP/CFRP components, special laminates and foils for use in a wide range of industries.

As a leading manufacturer of electric insulation materials, prepregs, GFRP/CFRP components, electronic and solar materials as well as special technical laminates we enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide, and in many sectors we are amongst the market leaders. Krempel is an established system partner for customers in the energy, mobility and industry sectors.

Our technical materials and components help to ensure that lives and technology are protected effectively, reliably and responsibly. The letters M and P, which combine to form our logo, stand for “Material Performance” and symbolise work processes with the highest material quality.

We offer electrical insulation materials for generators, wind turbines, transformers and electrical drives. We develop future-proof materials for electric motors particularly for the automotive sector as well as for battery and busbar insulation. Our prepregs, composites and components are just as present in the aerospace industry as they are in mechanical and equipment engineering, rail transport or medical and electrical engineering.

We aspire to work with our customers to translate their specific requirements into highly specialised, individual solutions. Our customer relationships, often cultivated over decades, are characterised by a high level of trust and reliability. Our extensive know-how in materials, manufacturing technologies and applications is perfectly complemented by long-standing technology partnerships with leading upstream suppliers.

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Thomas Gilke, Vice President Global Sales
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Thomas Gilke
Vice President
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