Aerospace-certified composite materials and components for interior, exterior and structure

Since the early 1980s, Krempel has been supplying high-performance materials and components as an OEM, Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplier to all areas of the aerospace industry. Whether passenger or cargo aircraft, business or private jet, air taxi, helicopter, drone, satellite or research rocket, whether conventional or future-oriented drive technologies.

Our solutions for aerospace

Krempel offers lightweight and reliable materials and components for all applications that take off from the earth:

  • Primary and secondary structures
  • Supporting rods for the fuselage structure
  • Sandwich structures for interior applications such as wet cells, partition walls, galley equipment and luggage compartments
  • Organosheets for seats, armrests and serving tables
  • Laminates, decorative foils and elements
  • Ballistic protection for cabin and cockpit doors
  • Insulating materials for engines
  • Wings
  • Antenna radomes for telecommunications and radar technology

No aircraft takes off today without composite materials on board. They are an essential component of all types of aircraft. Composites can reduce weight and thus fuel consumption while increasing payload, range and resistance to external influences. And all this without compromises in terms of reliability, functionality and safety. The flexible design possibilities of composite materials also contribute to the aesthetics and leave room for creativity and design.

No matter what application you have in the air or in space, we find the optimal balance of technology, performance, weight, fire protection and costs - for an undisturbed, safe and reliable production process. When it comes to the use of high-tech composites, the engineering of moulded plastic parts or design solutions for tools, we are your partner and accompany you from the initial idea to series production.

With our prepregs based on a wide range of fibres such as glass, carbon and aramid fibres, structural components with excellent properties can be produced. By adding various additives, application-specific properties can be specifically adapted to the respective conditions.

As an authorised DuPont distributor since 1989, Krempel has decades of experience in highly specialised applications with Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride films, Kapton® polyimide films and Nomex® meta-aramid fibres.

Aviation certified quality & know-how

The demands on materials and components can hardly be higher than those in the aerospace industry. Our quality is manifested in our DIN EN 9100 certification. With this, we guarantee the highest level of care, the best process reliability and traceability right back to the raw material. In close cooperation with testing laboratories for the certification and qualification of our products, we are constantly setting new high standards.

Our know-how is based on countless projects over the last 40 years with the big names in the industry. Our trusted clientele includes Airbus and Diehl, for example. But we also support start-ups with their future-oriented innovations.

Our aerospace portfolio

  • Prepregs
  • UD-Tapes
  • Organosheets
  • Insulation materials
  • Technical laminates and films
  • Thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics
  • Fibre-reinforced plastics and sheets
  • Panel and sandwich components
  • Pultrusion profiles
  • Composite fibre tubes
  • Interior modules
  • Support rods
  • Antenna radomes
  • Force introduction elements
  • Tooling concepts
Aerospace Visual
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  • Materials 
  • Parts 
  • Moulds 

Bulletproof solutions

  • Cockpit doors 
  • Battery boxes
  • Kerosene tank protection 

Interior cabin parts

  • Panels 
  • Curved panels 
  • Floor coverings
  • Components for seats

Emergency exit

  • Decorative films 
  • Insulating films 

Materials for the cabin interior

  • Prepregs
  • Organic sheets 
  • Insulation materials


  • Antenna systems 
  • Radomes 
  • Aprons 
  • PVDF 
  • PI protective foils 

Fuselage / Body

  • Floor support struts 
  • Floor coverings 


Insulation materials for hybrid/electric motor solutions

  • Insulating materials
  • High temperature hoses
  • PVDF
  • PI foils 

Pultrusion Profiles

Composites for aerospace

You can have confidence in this:

Due to their outstanding material properties, composite materials have become indispensable in all areas of aerospace:

  • Light weight
  • High stability and strength
  • Fireproof
  • Cost and resource efficient

Innovations for aerospace

Drohne / UAV

The latest developments in drone and UAV technologies are often based on our materials and components or are the result of our engineering support. So when drones deliver medicines to remote regions in Africa, locate fawns before they are mown down in fields, or locate refugee boats on the high seas, Krempel materials and know-how are involved.

We are currently transferring our experience from e-mobility in the automotive industry to e-aviation. Together with various customers, we are developing forward-looking mobility concepts with alternative drive technologies, whether large passenger aircraft, air taxis or drones, manned or unmanned.

Marcus Münch, Head of Global Sales Mobility 
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UAV and drone structures

UAV and Drone structures made of industrial Fibre Composites 


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