Composite tubes

An extensive portfolio of composite tubes and phenolic resin ball bearing cages manufactured using them

Versatile material options with excellent processing qualities

Krempel is one of the largest European manufacturers of composite tubes for use in industry and of phenolic resin ball bearing cages for use in precision spindle bearings. The company’s own fibre composites are used to manufacture ball bearing cages using the latest 5 and 9-axle CNC processing machines.

Fibre composite tubes


Krempel is one of Europe’s largest producers of composite tubes and has the capability to produce mandrel wound tubes with external diameters from 4.5 mm to 600 mm, from 2.35 mm internal diameter, and up to 3000 mm in length. These tubes can be precision machined to customer specification.

Our wide range of tubes combine the best material properties for optimised product performance. Standard materials available include phenolic cotton, silicone glass, epoxy glass, phenolic paper, mica and epoxy cotton. Our more specialised range includes resin impregnated aramid, melamine glass, polyester and carbon fibre.

Krempel also has the know-how to manufacture formed tubes such as square or rectangle and hybrid constructions to customers’ requirements. Due to their special properties composite tubes are an ideal alternative for traditional materials such as steel or aluminium.


  • High strength and stiffness 
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent machining properties
  • Excellent temperature, UV, chemical and corrosion resistance 
  • Long durability 
  • High performance and reliability
  • Very good price-performance ratio
  • Flexibility and versatility in design 

Key features 

  • Technologies: convolute winding, filament winding 
  • Fibres: aramid, carbon, cotton, glass, mica, paper, polyester (others on request)
  • Resins: epoxy, phenolic, polyester, silicone, melamine (others on request)
  • Tube lengths: up to 3000 mm 
  • Outside diameter: 4.4 mm to 600 mm
  • Inside diameter: 2.35 mm to 550 mm 
  • Operating temperatures: up to +850°C 
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