Pultrusionsprofile von Krempel für Automotive, Luftfahrt oder Schienenfahrzeug, Windenergie, Fenster-, Türen- oder Maschinenbau, Elektro-, Medizin-, oder Kommunikationstechnik
Pultrusion Profiles

Fibre-reinforced plastic profiles manufactured using the pultrusion process and wound parts manufactured using the filament winding process, both with a wide range of application options

We use the pultrusion process to manufacture fibre-reinforced plastic profiles made of synthetic resin-impregnated rovings and/or fabric tapes. There are more than 5,000 standard shapes. Our special expertise lies in special profiles with complex shapes created according to customer requirements. Plastic profiles from Krempel are used in various industries, ranging from automotive, aviation or rail vehicles, wind energy, windows, doors or mechanical engineering, through to electrical, medical or communication technology. We can also offer tailored solutions for your industry!

Under the brand name WACOSIT®, Krempel manufactures fibre-reinforced plastic profiles using the pultrusion process (a portmanteau term combining “pull” and “extrusion”) and filament-winding components. During the pultrusion process, reinforcement fibres are impregnated with artificial resins and continuously hardened.

WACOSIT® pultrusion profiles are available in the following designs:

  • Round profiles
  • Semicircular profiles with and without base
  • Rectangular profiles
  • Trapezoidal profiles with and without base
  • Wedge profiles with and without base
  • Dogbone, corner and coil body profiles
  • Rectangular tube profiles
  • Tube profiles
  • U-profiles
  • Elbow profiles
  • Special profiles and shapes

We use glass fibres, carbon fibres, aramid fibres or basalt fibres as reinforcement fibres. Depending on the required application, we use various different fibre types: E-glass fibres, S-glass fibres and T-glass fibres. The latter stand out thanks to their improved mechanical qualities.

Rovings, fabric tapes, glass mats or multi-ply weave complexes provide the necessary reinforcement and strength and optimise the mechanical properties.

As matrix systems for impregnation, we work with epoxy, vinyl ester, polyester and acrylic resins. These artificial resins have an influence on the temperature characteristics, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

Our pultrusion profiles are available in any length. For special requirements, we offer profiles that are weather-resistant, that feature an electrically conductive surface, are flame-retardant, or meet the highest design standards with their individual colour scheme.

Compared with traditional profiles made of steel or aluminium, glass-fibre-reinforced pultrusion profiles (GFRP profiles) and carbon-fibre-reinforced pultrusion profiles (CFRP profiles) offer significant advantages.

WACOSIT® pultrusion profiles from Krempel

You can have confidence in this:

  • Minimum weights
  • Good mechanical, thermal and electrical qualities
  • High stability and mechanical strength
  • Good heat conductivity
  • High dielectric strength and leakage resistance
  • Resistance to corrosion, moisture as well as many chemicals
  • High surface smoothness
  • Reliable measurement accuracy
  • Problem-free ongoing processing
  • Available in any length
  • A wide variety of types
  • Tailored solutions for special applications
  • Individual design and construction options

Applications for our pultrusion profiles

Communication and antenna technology

The perfect relationship between a low weight and optimal strength makes WACOSIT® pultrusion profiles the essential choice for antennae and communications technology.

Special profiles, tubes and rectangular profiles mean wireless data transmission in data and mobile networks with high transmission rates. They stand out thanks to their weather resistance and radiolucency, alongside very high mechanical strength. They can withstand wind speeds of up to 250 km/h. As it is possible to manufacture these glass-fibre reinforced plastic profiles in almost any colour, transmission masts can be perfectly adapted to the environment.


The world of automotive construction in the 21st century has been shaped by technical progress, both in drive technology and bodywork. The focus of the automotive industry is increasingly on electric vehicles. Composite materials can showcase their advantages perfectly in this respect. Our pultrusion profiles and wound parts are therefore key components in starter motors and ignition technology.

Thanks to the significant weight savings, combined with the same – or usually better – physical characteristics in preferential directions than aluminium and steel, CFRP profiles can be used with beneficial effect for entrance sills, battery housings, drive shafts, struts and crash elements.

Krempel ist Ihr Produktlieferant für die Sparte Energy

Due to their excellent properties such as high dielectric strength and tracking resistance, combined with very good mechanical and thermal parameters, WACOSIT® pultrusion profiles are firmly established in electrical engineering and have proven themselves many times over in insulation systems for engines, transformers and generators. All of our electrical engineering profiles fulfil thermal categories F and H (permanent dimensional stability at temperatures F=155° and H=180°).

Typical applications in electrical engineering are pultrusion profiles in the form of groove lock wedges, groove head inserts, supports, intermediate layers, hinge rings, axle insulations, brackets and strips.

In transformer construction, WACOSIT® profiles are particularly used as cooling channel spacers, tie rods, clamping devices, supports, intermediate layers, strips and non-magnetic press constructions.

In switch construction, WACOSIT® profiles are chiefly used to manufacture gearshift rods, tie rods, spacer parts, support structures, axles and fastening elements.

In general electrical engineering, WACOSIT® profiles are used for tie rods in synthetic resin suspension insulators, carriers of resistance wires (winding parts), brush holders, busbar spacers, terminal strips and antenna mast bracings, amongst other things.


An aeroplane without composite materials is inconceivable these days. With our WACOSIT® CFRP profiles, we achieve excellent tensile forces and enormous bending stiffness with minimal weight thanks to an anisotropic fibre structure. This is why CFRP profiles have a fixed place in aviation and also contribute to greater efficiency thanks to lower fuel consumption. CRFP profiles can be found both in the interior as well as in the secondary structure of aeroplanes.

Pultrusionsprofile von Krempel für die Papierherstellung

Thanks to their strong mechanical and thermal properties, our profiles play an important role in mechanical and plant engineering. Their low weight combined with high mechanical strength, their low heat conductivity and chemical and corrosion resistance ensure that their range of applications is very wide.

We have know-how gleaned over the course of decades in paper machine construction and dewatering systems.

Pultrusion profiles manufactured by Krempel are also used for battery housings, cladding for plant construction, struts in machine constructions and as structural profiles in chemical plant construction.

Medizintechnik - Lösungen von Krempel

In medical technology, WACOSIT® pultrusion profiles score highly as they are lightweight but nonetheless offer very high mechanical strength. Pultrusion profiles can be manufactured to be translucent and radiolucent and are neither magnetic nor reflective. This is a prerequisite for use in X-ray machines and in patient beds in MRT and CT machines.


For decades, Krempel has been one of the leading providers of certified pultrusion profiles in the field of railway applications. Profiles for use in railways manufactured by Krempel are certified according to the standards EN 45545-2:2016, DIN 5510-2, BS 6853 and NF F16-101. Our rail profiles achieve the fire protection requirements according to EN 45545 at all stages of production (machined, painted, assembled). For many years, pultrusion profiles have proven to be very practical and to hold their value, whether for internal or external use.

Composites from Krempel for sports & leisure

Glass and carbon-fibre reinforced pultrusion profiles are suitable for many different applications in the fields of sport, leisure and outdoor pursuits, thanks to their low weight and outstanding mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. Pultrusion profiles are used to manufacture tennis rackets, ski poles, sail poles, arrows, skis, flying kites and tent poles.

Windräder Offshore

For decades, we have been supplying renowned global manufacturers of wind turbines with our glass and carbon fibre profiles, manufactured using the pultrusion process with epoxy and polyester resins.

Whether the purpose is to insulate engines and generators, for the electrical components of a wind turbine or for the rotor blades, in which tensile and bending forces play an important role – WACOSIT® pultrusion profiles are part of the solution.

Due to the low specific weight of carbon fibre and our special epoxy resin matrix, it is possible to produce longer and lighter rotor blades without sacrificing the necessary physical parameters. This increases the effectiveness of the wind turbines, which in turn makes them more cost-effective.

WACOSIT® filament winding wound parts

We manufacture fibre-reinforced wound parts using the filament winding process with different combinations of materials made from epoxy, vinyl ester or polyester impregnated glass, aramid and carbon fibre rovings. They are tailored to the area of application and to your requirements.

Due to the resins in them, WACOSIT® wound parts can be used in machines of insulation classes F to H. Heat resistance up to 240°C is guaranteed. We also have solutions for higher thermal requirements.

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