Krempel Geschäftsführung 2021 - Christian Reh und Jörn Clasen

Krempel is a global player, whose products are held in the highest esteem worldwide in the fields of energy generation, processing, transmission and mobility.

The current owners are essentially the 5th generation of descendants of the founder. The nature of the company is defined by stable shareholder relationships. The owner families stand for values, reliability and sustainability.

Today, Jörn Clasen and Christian Reh drive the successful further development of the company forward as the group’s management team: "We are very proud of customer relationships and manufacturing competences that have developed over the course of decades. When it comes to the future tasks of green energy, energy infrastructure and e-mobility, Krempel is part of the solution. We are aligning the future of the group with globality, innovative strength and competence."

Company goals

We have set ourselves the goal of achieving the greatest possible benefit with everything we do and with the resources available to us from a humanitarian, ethical and economic perspective, taking into account the needs and expectations of our customers for high quality in our products and services. We are guided by four central corporate goals in this.

We understand the individual needs of our customers and we implement them consistently. That’s the basis of our joint success. As a competent system partner, we achieve high levels of customer satisfaction. We want to maintain this level in the future and increase it as much as possible.

We place a high value on the welfare and satisfaction of our employees, as their work, knowledge and abilities all contribute to the constant further development of the company, the achievement of goals and

the continuous improvement of our processes. We carry out regular audits to ensure that our quality mission is understood and implemented. Training, education and further training opportunities challenge our employees to constantly expand their knowledge. We want to recognise and promote talent.

We continuously optimise our processes using regular analysis and measurement. We focus on error prevention and proactive reduction of waste when it comes to "lean principles".

Clearly defined and transparent processes, key figures and quality goals render our company development measurable.

We actively involve our suppliers in our quality management. By defining clear quality guidelines, we strive to achieve common goals in line with the zero-defect strategy. We expect continuous improvement from our partners.


Principles of entrepreneurial actions

Grundsätze unternehmerischen Handelns

We approach market changes with new ideas, courage, flexibility and creativity and offer our customers novel solutions. This includes long-term thinking and planning with the aim of ensuring stability, profitability and sustainability, also when handling natural resources and environmentally friendly materials.

We have an international presence, allowing us to provide quick on-site service. Our quality standards apply worldwide at all locations and to all employees.

We are capable business partners and combine our entrepreneurial spirit with original thinking and practical know-how to provide our customers with outstanding technologies, services and solutions.