technische Lösungen für den Maschinenbau von Krempel
Mechanical Engineering

Materials and components for engineering solutions

Composite and polymer-based materials and bespoke components for applications including machine building, bearing construction, welding and cutting, machine housings, pump applications and other mechanical applications.

Our solutions for mechanical enigineering

  • Flexible Multi-layer Insulation Materials
  • Surface Insulation Materials
  • Rigid Laminates
  • Other Insulation Materials
  • Composite Tubes
  • Pultrusion Profiles

For machine building Krempel supplies raw materials and machined components often as replacements for traditional metallic materials to provide not only a reduction in weight but other advantages in areas such as stiffness characteristics, damping properties and thermal behaviour. 

Retainers for spindle bearings are produced from phenolic cotton, PEEK or other composite materials. The tubes and many of the raw materials are also produced within the group. In addition to cages other materials and components produced from composite tubes are supplied to other forms of plain bearings or friction free surfaces.

Nozzle insulators from silicone glass are manufactured and machined for welding gun nozzles to customer specifications. Moulded parts for use in welding and cutting torch applications can be produced from a range of polymer materials including PEEK, Vespel® and Delrin®

As well as composite housings for items such as pumps impellers are produced from various polymer products to give advantages in efficiency and durability.

Lösungen für den Maschinenbau von Krempel
Lösungen für den Maschinenbau von Krempel
technische Lösungen für den Maschinenbau von Krempel
Zubehör für Schweißgeräte
Krempel- Ihr Partner im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau
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Bearing Cages

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Schweißen / Welding

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Composite Tubes

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Compression Moulding


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