Krempel Standort São Bernardo do Campo, Brasilien.
São Bernardo do Campo

Krempel Brasil Ltda.

At its site in São Bernardo do Campo, in the greater São Paulo metropolitan area in southeastern Brazil, Krempel concentrates a range of manufacturing technologies at a central, South American location.

Around 200 employees manufacture insulation products created by mica processing, laminating, impregnating, moulding, pressing, machining, pultrusion, weaving and the production of customized epoxy resin systems. Electrical insulation materials for high, medium and low voltage applications go to global customers in the energy sector and are used in generators, transformers and motors. All products and services are available to customers worldwide through our global sales team.

São Bernardo do Campo is a major industrial center with a population of nearly 850,000. Production has been carried out at the site since 1965 under the company name DMI Isolantes Elétrico. The company has been part of the Krempel Group since 2012 and has been operating under the name Krempel Brasil Ltda. Since 2019, at its 15.000 sqm site.