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Kapton® films

Plastic films made of polyimide (PI)

Kapton® high-temperature films for extreme requirements. With excellent mechanical, thermal, electrical and chemical properties. Kapton® special films are further processed by us into laminates. As an authorised Kapton® dealer since 1989, Krempel has many years of experience, especially in individual applications.

Kapton® films made of polyimide (PI)

For high temperature applications

Kapton® polyimide films combine electrical, thermal, chemical and mechanical properties that are not otherwise found in this unique combination in polymer film materials. Due to their performance within a wide temperature range, Kapton® films open up a wide range of design and application possibilities. Kapton® polyimide films are particularly suitable for applications under high operating temperatures where other plastic films fail.

Mechanical and thermal properties

Kapton® polyimide films retain their excellent physical properties over a wide temperature range. Unlike other organic films, Kapton® polyimide films do not tend to flow under pressure and temperature loads.

Electrical properties

Kapton® polyimide films are characterised by excellent electrical properties. Dielectric strength and dissipation factor remain almost constant within a wide temperature and frequency range. Kapton® polyimide films type CR have a high resistance to corona discharges.

Chemical properties

Kapton® polyimide films offer a high level of chemical resistance to a wide range of chemicals, including solvents and oils.

Kapton® high-temperature polyimide (PI) films

You can have confidence in this:

  • High performance, reliability and durability
  • Continuous temperature resistance up to +230 °C; withstands temperatures from -269 °C to +400 °C for short-term use
  • Flame retardant, self-extinguishing, charring only starts at 800 °C
  • Kapton® has no melting point
  • High degree of chemical resistance
  • High resistance to radioactive irradiation
  • Resistance to corona discharges

Applications of Kapton® polyimide films

The range of applications is versatile, wherever there are extreme temperatures, vibrations or other demanding environmental conditions, whether circuits in equipment in a space station in outer space or the insulation of solar modules exposed to the heat of the sun.

Proven applications of Kapton® polyimide films:

  • Electrical insulation of windings, motor slots, solenoid coils, transformers, capacitors
  • Carrier foil for flexible base materials
  • Heating elements
  • Thermal insulation
  • Laminates
  • Adhesive film and labels for high temperature applications

Kapton® is a registered trademark of DuPont™.

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