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Fibre composites for medical technology – from semi-finished products through to finished components

Krempel’s product portfolio offers high-quality fibre composites in the medical sector, especially for prosthesis and orthosis manufacturing, X-ray technology, medical instruments and shoe inserts, which are developed individually for and together with the customer and produced in series production.

Individual solutions for medical engineering

In addition to developing semi-finished products and components in line with customer requests, Krempel also offers a broad product portfolio, which has been created and developed on the basis of many years of experience and expertise in this field.

The development of new material solutions in this sensitive area is very complex and we accompany you from the semi-finished product, through prototype construction to the series component. On request, we can also produce ready-assembled component groups for you and test them according to your specifications.

Particularly when manufacturing sophisticated medical instruments, which are usually made of CFRP, it is important that they withstand the demands of daily use in the operating theatre whilst also exhibiting important properties such as X-ray transparency, biocompatibility, high rigidity and low weight.

Lösungen für die Medizintechnik von Krempel
Lösungen von Krempel für die Medizintechnik, Anwendung CT und MRT

Finished solutions for many different options for use

Thanks to the company’s many years of experience, Krempel has a wide range of materials at its disposal. Even when selecting materials, we can draw on the semi-finished products we manufacture ourselves meaning that we, as a system supplier, can offer the perfect basis to drive you and your project forward with a focus on costs from a financial perspective.

Our portfolio of products for the medical sector

Electrical Insulation

  • Flexible Multi-layer Insulation Materials
  • Surface Insulation Materials
  • Kapton & Tedlar Films
  • Mica Products
  • Rigid Laminates
  • Prepregs & UD Tapes
  • Conductive Materials
  • Chemicals
  • Other Insulation Material


  • Prepregs & UD Prepregs
  • FRP & Rigid Laminates
  • FRP Components
  • Composite Tubes
  • Pultrusion Profiles

Flexible Base Materials

  • Cover Films
  • Coatings
Medizintechnik - Lösungen von Krempel
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CFRP prepregs

For the production of more complex 3D components, such as C-arms, our wide range of prepreg materials provides an important basis. If needed, we are also happy to provide support when manufacturing components/assemblies.

Tedlar PVF Film

Cleanliness and hygiene to protect patients and medical staff is increasingly important. For this purpose, we can offer you Tedlar PVF Film from DuPont. In addition to chemical durability, they offer exceptional cleaning performance and minimise the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria.

CFRP tubes

The way we now use highly sensitive camera technology is now a vital process. We manufacture CFRP tubes with filament winding or prepreg winding technology for you.

Pultrusion profiles & plates for X-ray tables

Pultrusion profiles and CFRP sheets form an essential component in today’s medical technology and, with their properties such as X-ray transparency, they are now indispensable.

Organosheets/ thermoplastic components

Our organosheets and the resulting components are used for the calibration of ventilators, amongst other items. Autoclavable up to max. 134°.


for use in the medical field

Tedlar® Folie für die Medizintechnik

DuPont™ Tedlar® is a versatile film which is manufactured from a polyvinyl fluoride polymer. As an authorised distributor of DuPont since 1989, Krempel has many years of experience in using Tedlar® special laminates, particularly in the field of medicine.

In the health sector, there is a need to design spaces to ensure cleanliness and hygiene for the protection of patients and medical staff. DuPont™ Tedlar® PVF films protect surfaces which are used in environments with increased cleaning operations, because they are characterised by:

  • Outstanding chemical resistance
  • Proven, exceptional ease of cleaning
  • Minimisation of the growth of mould, mildew and bacteria
  • Longevity as an important factor for overall performance
Tedlar® Folie für die Medizintechnik

The exceptional durability and cleanliness meet the high requirements in the healthcare sector and are used in:

  • Wall coverings
  • Door and window frames
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
  • Ceiling coverings
  • Furniture surfaces
  • Floor materials
  • Acoustic panels

Tedlar® PVF films are also suitable for wall coverings, roller blinds and patient chairs. In addition to this, Tedlar™ wall coverings are GREENGUARD Gold-certified, as they improve the air quality in indoor spaces.


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Healthcare Tedlar PVF Film

TEDLAR® PVF Film for healthcare applications 


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