Weiterbildung und Mitarbeiterentwicklung bei Krempel
Competency development

Development of professional and personal skills

Krempel offers its employees a wide range of development opportunities, permanently enshrined into a skills management process.

Our world of work is characterised by constant change and technological development; life-long learning is essential if we want to keep up. Existing forms of collaborative working need to be adapted, self-initiative needs to be encouraged, and personal responsibility needs to be more widespread. Here at Krempel, we are looking toward the future with our flat hierarchical structure, and we encourage self-organisation within teams.

Our foundations: Confidence – trust in our employees, whose professional potential and development we confidently promote and support.

Skills management at Krempel

Working together to shape the future


At Krempel, employee development is permanently enshrined into a skills management process. We identify the skills and potential of our employees. We develop and expand the professional and personal skills of each and every employee on an ongoing and lasting basis. In addition to training sessions and seminars, we also focus on learning from experience, the transfer of knowledge and the networking of team colleagues within the global Krempel network.

As part of an additional module, employee meetings are held in which the employees and their managers both provide feedback on the teamwork and performance, as well as looking at development opportunities and jointly agreeing on qualification and development measures.

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